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The Perfect Day Foundation was established in 2008 to ensure the friendships formed on the sports fields of Zambia will develop to benefit further generations of sports people, both in Zambia and the UK.


The Foundation relies on the input and enthusiasm of the people to whom Sport in Action means something, so please get in touch, share your memories and tell us how you’re getting on.


Sport is a powerful tool: we hope the Perfect Day Foundation can build on our shared experiences to support the invaluable leadership and life skills that are developed on sports fields every day.

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a) To preserve and protect the health of young Zambians in deprived communities.

b) To advance the education of young Zambians in deprived communities.

c) To relieve poverty of young Zambians in deprived areas.

d) To Increase support and opportunities for young Zambians in deprived areas, and increase our ability to carry out objectives a, b and c.

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