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The Wallace Group

Sport can be a powerful tool and our mission is to preserve and protect the health of young Zambians in deprived communities by using our sporting knowledge and expertise. We strive to provide opportunities and to alleviate poverty in any way we can.


We strive to:

Our Aims

About Us

We hope the Perfect Day Foundation can build on our shared experiences to advance and develop the invaluable leadership and life skills that are developed on sports fields every day. Our foundation relies on the input and enthusiasm of the people to whom Sport in Action, the IDEALS project, and all related projects means something. So please get in touch, share your memories and tell us how you’re getting on, and help in any way you can; no contribution is too small.

- Preserve and protect the health of young Zambians in deprived communities.

- To advance the education of young Zambians in deprived communities.

- To relieve poverty of young Zambians in deprived areas.

- To Increase support and opportunities for young Zambians in deprived areas.

Our Board consists of nine alumni of the UK Sport IDEALS Project ranging from 2006-2011 and we're also supported by the IDEALS project founder Dr. Peter Warburton OBE, who is a tireless devotee of sport in Zambia and the current Dean of Experience at Durham University.





Who Are We?

Visit the contact page to read about our Founders and Family within the Perfect Day Foundation Read Founder Mollie's Blog on her involvement with the Perfect Day Foundation since 2008 098

The Perfect Day Foundation exists to ensure unique Zambian memories are never forgotten, and to ensure that students, staff and visitors who've experience Zambia first-hand have a way to continue making a difference and contributing when they return home.


Wallace Group

The Wallace Group is a group of UK Higher Education Institutions that have a shared ethos towards sport’s excellence and development.  The seven Universities include Bath, Cardiff Metropolitan, Durham, Loughborough, Northumbria, St Andrews and Stirling. As a group they have worked in collaboration and have shown commitment to the establishment and sustainable practices of International Development.  The focus for the group has been Zambia through the partnership with Sport in Action and EduSport.


To visit the Wallace Group website click on logo

Wallace Group

IDEALS / Volunteer Zambia

The programe that has offered in excess of 300 British students and staff an unforgettable Zambian experience since 2006 has been thanks to UK Sport's International Development Through Excellence and Leadership in Sport initiative (IDEALS).


In 2017 UK Sport's strategic investment in international development has changed focus. The universities that have been a part of the programme will continue to offer their students the Zambian experience under the title 'Volunteer Zambia.' These universities are known as the Wallace Group