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Drama Group Member Ruby Blogs for us

By perfectday, Sep 9 2016 08:29AM

On the 31st of August we arrived in Lusaka after a really intense but rewarding time in Livingstone. During our time in Livingstone we continued our relationships with Palm Grove School, the Reformed Church, Lubasi Orphanage, Marramba Old People's home and continued being involved in discussions about cultural differences and similarity, tradition and modernity, race and human rights with the film activist Musola (who last year co-ordinated the Livingstone arts festival).

We also fostered new relationships with a youth centre, SEPO, and the Divine Fire Cathedral Church. At the end of our time in Livingstone we went on a rural placement to Nampongo village for 2 nights which was different to anything we knew, and such an eye opener to the traditional life Zambians live which we hadn't experienced in the cities.

As a group we found some of these placements challenging, but all were enlightening and incredibly rewarding. We made lifelong friendships with Sport in Action Co-ordinator Staffison Pirri, and Aggrey Chompa, as well as with the people we worked with in our placements. I personally found the work with the youth group, SEPO, to be particularly rewarding as we learnt so much about what young people like us think about their country, culture, and the way we can work together to increase development in Zambia socio-economically by using the medium of drama to foster confidence, life skills and opportunities and keep young people off the streets. This encourages personal development, education and empowerment, which then can be seen on a national scale.

We also really enjoyed our time at Palm Grove School where we put on a Shakespeare showcase with the children we had been working with. We incorporated traditional songs and dances the children had taught us to foster cultural exchange and share cultures.

In Lusaka we hope to continue the sort of work we did in Livingstone - today Rhiannon, Annie and myself went to Lubala School where we will be working for the next 2 weeks teaching drama and music. We will start working with the children tomorrow to work up to a final showcase at the end of next week. This showcase will also include the work Claire, Stine and Elizabeth have been doing at the Fountain of Hope.

We also hope to join Barefeet Theatre at their yearly camp where peer leaders will be teaching 'Uncle John' workshops. These focus on the story of a boy who travels from a rural village to Lusaka. Through the medium of drama issues that affect young people in Zambia are faced, such as HIV and Aids, anxiety, sexual and personal health, gender based violence and female empowerment. As these are the sorts of issues we are all very interested in we would love to work with them in any way possible, and are looking forward to learning as much as we can, as well as using our own skills to help them. We can't wait to continue- the time has just flown by so far. We can't believe we only have 2 weeks left!!

Tizaonana manje manje (see you soon),


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