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Durham Drama out-line their experiences in Livingstone.Report One

By perfectday, Sep 9 2016 08:26AM

My name is Annie Davison and I am the point of contact between yourselves and the Durham Drama group whilst we are in Zambia. I will be writing to you to report back and let you know what we have been doing in our day to day activities for the project.

So, Chantelle, Claire, Ruby, Stine, Elizabeth, Rhiannon and I landed in Livingstone on the 10th of August and went to the Livingstone Backpackers hostel, where we were greeted by Connor and Claudus, the friendly staff. We settled into our 6 person room (Chantelle has an en suite much to our jealousy), and attempted somewhat unsuccessfully to set up our mosquito nets. I then had a run in with the world's largest spider in the shower, which we have since named Steve.

In the morning at 8.30 the group met Aggrey, our driver and Staffy the peer leader from Sport in Action. We were introduced over breakfast and we discussed health and safety around Zambia, our roles within the group, and other general information. Aggrey and Staffy were absolutely lovely and we look forward to spending the next two weeks with them.

After breakfast we ventured into town to get our Zambian phones. Aggrey and Staffy took the group to meet Musola, a fascinating human rights activist/film director. We were warmly welcomed into her home where we also met Kenya, the staff worker from a youth group. We were very keen to work with them both as they tackled sensitive and fascinating issues such as sex, physical disability, and women's rights in Zambia through their work.

We met with Kenya and the youth group on Monday afternoon to discuss what they would like to gain from our involvement, and how we would like to benefit from them. As it stands individuals from our group have expressed interest in working with clowning, physical theatre, body movement, close script work, music and dance to explore themes of interest. We were also keen to have a discussion with the young people in a cultural exchange of sorts and talk about life in Zambia, the UK, America, Norway and Australia.

We then left and went to visit the Mumbasi Old People's Home which I think came as a bit of a culture shock to the entire group, as we weren't fully prepared for the poor buildings and resources. We met one resident who was particularly talkative, the infamous 'Sweet Potato' or Mr Patrick, who the girls on the previous drama trip also met. We were a little uncomfortable as due to language barriers we could not fully engage with the residents, however we remain hopeful that our trip next week will be more successful as we will know what to expect.

Finally Aggrey and Staffy took us to the Shoprite store, where we bought food for the next 2 days and sorted out the cooking schedule. We then had a 2 hour meeting with Chantelle to sort out the rest of the week’s workshops and placements.

I will email again soon!


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