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Durham Drama out-line their experiences in Livingstone.Report Two

By perfectday, Sep 9 2016 08:27AM

Today Aggrey picked us up at about 7.45 and we headed to the Zambezi Sun Hotel where we met Etta and a photographer from the hotel (whose name we've awkwardly forgotten). He was photographing our trip to Palm Grove. After introductions, Aggrey drove the group to the school. On the way we spoke to the photographer more thoroughly and we discovered that before he worked at the hotel he was a graphic designer for a film production company. Chantelle jokingly asked if we could star in a movie, however after some discussion the photographer said he would be able to organise a trip to the studio when we visit Lusaka in 2 weeks time. He suggested that we could even go on air to talk about our programme. He will email Chantelle with the contact details and also the photographs that he took this morning.

We arrived at Palm Grove School and we were all greeted by the headmistress and the language teacher who expressed the wish to work with us on the programme. They then took us into a class room to meet the pupils at the school. There was probably only 15-20 pupils at the school today due to elections. They were very shy but nevertheless we introduced ourselves and asked each pupil to tell us their names and whether they enjoyed drama. The girls were particularly quiet and I immediately noticed that a lot of work might be needed to get them to open up and come out of their shells and be more relaxed and confident. We were determined to get more information out of them so we asked them what they enjoyed: singing, dancing, music, physical theatre etc.

They are more interested in naturalistic drama, which is not what the Durham Drama group had actually prepared for however it is what we as individuals do in Durham Student Theatre. We aim to slightly change our programme to appeal more to what the students want to do. We then went outside and played some fun games with them. The games were very simple and we were able to engage the pupils and hopefully excite them so that they'll be keen to come back tomorrow and bring their friends. We played I Get Loose and taught them the Penguin Song which are two silly exercises that energise and encourage movement and vocal warm techniques. They seemed to really enjoy it though they were a bit apprehensive at first.

The pupils were then dismissed and we went to meet Brian the drama teacher and he told us how the pupils were keen to do more serious drama following their win at a drama competition. With this in mind we left and Aggrey took us to Lubasi Children's Orphanage. We really enjoyed our visit. Everyone was friendly and the buildings and resources were clean and tidy. It was really encouraging to see their garden of fruits and vegetables and after the tour the group talked at length about the possibility of sponsoring a child or donating a small sum of money to the Orphanage. We realised that if each us donated £1- £2 a month we could make a small difference considering that for one child it costs $10 or k100 a month in primary school tuition fees. They don't get government grants so donations are important however we shall discuss this further.

After we left Aggrey dropped us off at Shoprite where we got food. As we were walking back to the Livingstone Backpackers the election results were being announced. By the time we got back the winner had been announced- Lungu won. There is a lot of noise and horns outside and Staffy rang Chantelle to advise us to stay inside for the rest of the day. We shall see what is happening tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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