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Group 1 are up and running in 2018 and Team Leader Jon Nottingham blogs for us at the end of his first week!

By perfectday, Jun 28 2017 08:31PM

Week 1 of the project!! The first weekend was free for the students to arrive, settle in, sort out their Zambian phones and visit the Lilayi Elephant Sanctuary.

The start of the week saw us going to Sport in Action to watch the Zambian under 20s play, it’s amazing how much they value even their U20s team, compared to in England where nobody really bothers. After lunch we had the in country induction, which gave the students the opportunity to learn about their placements and meet their peer leaders, who they’ll be working closely with for the next 6 weeks and also learn about the differences between the British and the Zambian culture.

Truck tour – one of the best days of my experience in Zambia!! Going round all the placement sites on the back of a flat-bed truck. The smiles and excitement of the kids was overwhelming and infectious! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed being able to see all the placements and the kids reaction just goes to show the level of appreciation they have for us being here.

The first day of placement I attended Chipata. It was a great first day! Getting stuck in to PE sessions straight away with the SEN class and grade 4, both a challenge in different ways, but was great to start to build the confidence of the students in leading the songs and movement games. The afternoon saw the students lead basketball and football sessions. The language barrier was the one main challenge, but the students soon came up with alternative communication methods or made use of the peer leaders to translate.

The group have very quickly settled in to their placements with just one or two minor issues, but all were quickly sorted! I cannot wait to see what the next 5 weeks will hold!

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