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Group Two Member Alanah blogs after her first 10 days in Lusaka

By perfectday, Aug 2 2017 09:05PM

It has been 10 days since group 2 arrived here in Zambia and the time is already soaring. I arrived a day after everyone else as a result of a delayed flight in Heathrow and then a missed flight from Dubai. On my arrival, however, I was welcomed by some group 2 members at the airport, and I was happy to find myself feeling very comfortable around everyone in no time. Our first few days were spent settling in, unpacking, and playing loads of modified games thanks to Gethin. We’ve played indoor volleyball, card games, hand tennis, and pretty much anything with a ball and a bit of competition. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we’re absolutely loving it. It’s not very often that find yourself living with a group of people who not only love sports as much as you do, but who are also just extremely competitive. It’s such a relief to find ourselves feeling so at home after only a week. It has been great having Jon, our project manager, here because not only is he very relaxed but he is also full of information not only about all of our placements but also just about Lusaka and the Zambian culture in general. We all feel very comfortable going to him with any questions, which has relieved a lot of unnecessary stress. In addition, we have Gethin as our staff member at the moment and he is an absolute legend. He is calm and responsible while also just loads of fun. I don’t think he realises the impact he has already made on us all. At the risk of sounding really dramatic, the thought of him leaving next week is a very painful one.

By the end of our first weekend I think many of us were feeling a bit nervous about placement on Monday even though we didn’t want to admit. However as soon as we had our first day most of us felt a lot better no matter how good or bad it went. Just finally being able to visualise what placement would be like was a huge relief. My first day at Chipata was absolutely bomb mainly because any spare time we had we got to spend it with the little babies. I could put every last one of them in my pocket and take them home with me. They are so excitable and seeing how happy we can make them even with such little effort is absolutely amazing. No feeling can beat it.

In terms of coaching I think our second week will be really big in terms of confidence and comfort. So far we’ve had five solid days of learning from peer leaders as well as testing what we already know. I’m excited to see what week two will bring for myself, my group, and for all the kids we get to work with.

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