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By perfectday, Jul 18 2017 10:51AM

The next adventure is now only one month away and I am so excited to be returning to Zambia to tackle 50 hours of sport over 5 days, with the hope of raising £50k. The money raised will go towards a number of projects: facility construction, food programmes and educational sponsorships.

It has been 11 years since I first touched down in Zambia. ELEVEN years. Trying to avoid a cliché here, but time really does fly! In 2006 I was a naive 20 year old, with boundless energy and an unrelenting passion for sport. What I didn't know at the time was the power that sport can have in shaping the future of young people - both English students and the local Zambians. I think the most powerful lesson I learnt on that first trip, was the reciprocity of sports coaching.

I landed in Zambia to blazing sunshine and a sea of vibrant colours. The women were dressed in traditional dresses called ‘chitenge’, children on their hips and shopping on their heads, their faces a-wash with smiles. The children were in abundance; galloping around the streets, playing with any items they could find that vaguely resembled a toy!

I will return next month as a 31year old, still with boundless energy, just with a slightly longer recovery time!! One magical factor that is accentuating my excitement, is that this time I go back with the luxury of having seen firsthand the power that sport has to change lives. When I first returned from Zambia eleven years ago, together with some great friends, we set up The Perfect Day Foundation with the ambition to provide sustainable funding to young Zambians in order to help them to make informed life choices, in some instances, to simply give them the luxury of choice – in practicality, this is school sponsorship, food programmes and facility creation. We endeavor to provide the tools and resources that will enable these amazing young people to achieve their dreams. Since we founded The Foundation we have seen over 60 children through school, built several facilities including multipurpose sports pitches and toilet and shower blocks, as well as creating a sustainable food programme for a local street kid drop in centre. We are desperate to continue our work and grow the programme to benefit the lives of more young people – both in Zambia and those travelling from the UK.

Next month, I will be part of a team of 14, including the sensational British swimming coach Mel Marshall and one of her incredible athletes, Adam Peaty, and together we will take on this massive challenge. We will have 10 hours of basketball, 10 hours on netball, 10 hours of volleyball, 10 hours of football and to finish we will have a 10-hour triathlon….all over the course of 5 days. We are fortunate enough to also be joined by a number of the CEOs that represent these sports in the UK, which will further enhance the learning and education on the ground in Zambia.

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing interviews with a number of the awesome team, so you can learn more about them, their motivations and their sporting prowess. As I say, we are hoping to raise £50k, so if you would like to donate, please give what you can here.

Live footage will be streamed throughout the week to show you just how hard we are working for the funds : )

Thanks for listening, Mollie (Founding partner) x